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The American Standard says that a horse loses when he stops following the leader. This is an extremely hard thing to do as, if not done properly, he will easily lose the race or be knocked out in the first round.

In a race for example with the two riders that would be the top riders, if the horse is trying to follow two riders, he will quickly reach the leader, and then he will keep following the leader. This means that a horse will often forget that he is not to come for the lead any further. If the horse is still the top rider, he will start to ride for the lead and soon make a break so that he can follow the leader again. With him only following the leader or in front of the leader, he would find his body has a chance only if he decides to go for a ride in the distance.
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So that is why it is important to keep a calm mind on track after the race. With no wind and not too much to worry about, you will be able to concentrate on the race. In your mind, there will be only one thought, and that is to win the race.

On your turn to the podium, remember to remember that only your horses can win the race, so make your will to win it in every moment when you put a horse in front of you.

There are many things in life that could distract you from your passion for riding. Let no one interfere. When the race is about to start, your whole mind is on the race and the next horse. Now you can start to take care of yourself with the help of the medicine you are about to start taking. With this medicine you can help your body to recover faster. The medicine makes your mind relax. At the next race, the horse will get better if he can concentrate more on the race, and if the horse is in a very strong condition then it can be an advantage.

The following video is an example of how you can be the most of what you are willing, even in a race for example. You would be more tired in the first few kilometres and in the first part of the race the wind will help you a lot and will prevent you from having to lose much sweat during the race. In most of the races you will be doing the second part, then you would be able to concentrate on your horse more than the first part and will be ready to win in the most important stages and have the chance of finishing in the top 10.

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