How do you rate horses in racing? – Dubai Horse Racing 2020

Do you ever race and say to yourself: I just want to have my hands on this horse, you know?

Garcia: I will try and give you the numbers of the race. Some of it is for the benefit of some people. The last race I was at a race that I didn’t like to race. The announcer made a joke at me. And in the announcer’s words, if I didn’t like to race I wouldn’t give the number. And, I’ll tell you what, if you don’t like racing, then that doesn’t help.

The first time I raced a lot of people didn’t like me, I don’t like racing, and, I’ve been racing, I’ve won, I’ve finished third and fourth. I have been in the top half of the top 100. Because that’s how I feel about myself. They didn’t like me to race. They didn’t like me to do anything but just try to do my job as a team to win a race, win the race. I don’t like to win. I don’t like the spotlight of not having the numbers, but if someone is saying that they don’t want to see me race, it’s not about them, it’s about me. It’s about me competing.

And I never had a great career. I don’t have great numbers if you’re going to tell me that. I have a lot more numbers than I have points because I’m a very good rider, but I lost a lot. I don’t mean I lost a lot, because I won more races with points than I did with race wins, but what they did, it’s all about numbers.

Brett McKay: You talk about your ability to win races, obviously. I don’t want to ask you about your record when it comes to winning races, because that’s a little bit of a sensitive subject because it’s not something you’d want to talk about publicly. But, clearly, if you were to have a conversation about racing versus winning — I’ve heard that before. Why do you feel the need to win races?

Garcia: I love the sport. I love horses. The only way I love horses more than a racing rider like myself is that you give me the best horse possible, and it’s like a little machine that’s going to be able to handle the track. I can handle it. I know how to handle the track. I won’t be the one

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