How do you rate horses in racing?

I do the standard three-hour exam but also give each horse a rating using a range of things I look for in racers. (This system, now in place at SCCA, has been in practice in a number of states and is becoming a common practice at several others.) I look for temperament and how well a horse responds to different situations, and I look for the number and quality of colts, but also how quickly these are gaining experience when they are racing. In addition, the examiners will use the results of the exam to advise the winning team of riders, and sometimes the winning veterinarian will be asked to evaluate the racing.

What is the SCCA system?

The standard SCCA system is a grading scheme used to grade horses in the United States based on three core principles of running great horses: A horse’s physical fitness, consistency, and speed. With this system you will be judged on both physiological and visual qualities — such, that an eye test is not necessarily always a good measure of how well a horse is running.

How much time must I spend to study and prepare for SCCA?

Two hours per horse before the SCCA exam. During and two hours after the SCCA exam. To start, you must obtain the SCCA exam card, which is printed by a trainer and sent to you along with your horse. You must be the first applicant to apply for the exam. You may purchase or obtain a SCCA exam card from a local SCCA instructor. Each card lasts approximately two months (one year) or one year and nine months, whichever comes first. You cannot use your SCCA card during the SCCA exam. You are entitled to a free sample SCCA card from your SCCA instructor as you take the exam if you wish.

How do I schedule an appointment with the SCCA?
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You can schedule an appointment in good faith with the SCCA by calling (800) 924-0661. You will need to show your valid driver’s license, which may be obtained from your state’s driver licensing office or a driver education office. In addition, you are not precluded from taking the exam by having been enrolled in the SCCA program during the previous ten years. You must visit the SCCA office and have the SCCA instructor present at all times during your appointment. You must be able to travel to the SCTS course