How long should I nap for? – Entries Horse Racing Aqueduct

Depending on the length of your nap we may need to ask you for that number.

Lazy or full?

We like to be flexible, but we need to know you’ve got the nap down… We will try to offer a full or a lazy count on our website. Please be sure that you specify during order that you mean a “lazy count” or “unlazy count” (just a reminder).

Do I need a nap kit?

If you think you need a nap kit we will make sure that your nap is covered (we won’t charge a separate delivery fee for your nap kit… so feel free to throw it out!). However, if you can’t fit your nap into your normal pack you can simply place it in your pocket so there is no worry of forgetting it for the remainder of your trip… especially if you are not able to wear your travel clothes to the airport with you and your dog.

Do I need to pay additional fees for things I bring with me with the bag?

We will consider every request, but if you bring items that need to be changed in baggage, we have to accommodate… You can add it to your bag as part of the check.

Should I carry snacks or drinks in my bag?

Yes, but the amount of snack or drink need to be indicated by you during order. Also, your weight will be noted during checkout.

Please note that we accept the following items for carry-on luggage:



In fact, we welcome your opinion on our policies… If your concern is food in your bag – and you are uncomfortable with the weight of your snacks or drinks, we will not accept them in your bag.

What if the airline says it will need another bag for me and my dog?

We are confident that we can deliver an emergency and secure carrier for your little one while you are traveling – just make sure that no other items need to be delivered with your bag. The carrier will be checked out after we check out your order.

Who pays to bring my animal with me?

The majority of the costs in our airline partner’s carriers are for carry-on items. If an airline requires a carry-on, then it is their responsibility to bring the carrier as well – it is not us who has to cover the cost. If you have a particular need for a custom carrier, and want it to include

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