How long should I nap for? – Olbg Football

If you’re sleeping for 6 hours daily you need to be at least 6 hours longer than you were sleep deprived in the last 24 hours, so if you’ve slept for 20 hours in one day, you need to sleep for 10 hours in the next 2 days.

And if you don’t sleep for 6 hours, do you know what your body is doing?

You’re not doing the right things or working out well. As I’ve noted over the years, if you’re not resting properly, you lose bone density and fat mass, and you have a low level of testosterone, and all of these things slow you down.

So if you were being lazy, if you were not stretching, if you were not lifting weights, if you’re on some kind of medication like steroids, or getting some kind of steroid, you need to be sleeping 8 hours a day.

So if people have been sleeping 10 hours a day they’re getting in the ballpark of 8 hours and getting great results. You want to find the time that works best for them.

So there’s going to be time spent and so we’ve started to have more sleep experiments now where people sleep eight, ten, 12 hours to see what they get.

Why do women take more time off from sex?

Sometimes we can lose track of how we slept. We just didn’t take time off. For example, recently we did an experiment where we had people that had been doing the same thing for a period of time, then they went from seven weeks or eight weeks of sleep to seven days and they found the difference between days when they woke up and the days they slept well.

So for example if you’re in the seven to eight week range you’re probably not going to have time in the 7 to 10 hour range to get enough sleep.

What’s the difference between “lazy” and “stressed” on a scale of 1-10?

Stressed or lazy people tend to be more emotional than the person is normal, so they don’t sleep enough and they can also be extremely sensitive to all kinds of stressors.

So if you’re a busy person who is on the road a lot and you travel by car or train, you’re probably not going to have a lot of time to sleep. A lot of folks that we study that are working full time, they go on their days off and they’re able to sleep about 8-10 hours.

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