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There are almost a thousand total professional wrestling events in Canada each year.

In total, there are over 5500 registered wrestling shows in Canada. More information about Canada is available from the International Wrestling Federation.

Canada’s wrestlers are divided into three regions; Mid Atlantic, NW (or Pacific) and South West (or North West).

There are over 15 professional wrestling shows each year in each region and as the number of wrestlers increases, so does the show count.

More information about Canadian wrestling events is available from the International Wrestling Federation.

What is a wrestling match?

A wrestling match is any of several forms of athletic activity. Wrestling is a sport that involves the use of both skill and athleticism and is often referred to as a mixture of boxing, boxing, and wrestling.

Some wrestlers use props such as their own weapons or furniture as weapons. Some use an umpire and referee as substitutes. Others use props such as a chair, a large bag filled with dirt or other objects as a weapon while competing.

Canadian wrestling is divided into three sports which are shown below:

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