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“I’ve heard a lot of people say there’s a bet that’s up at three o’clock tomorrow between Canada and the U.S., but I’ve never seen it come up that early.”
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Do you know the current odds of getting the Canadian flag?

“I’m a little bit of a wag. I think we could probably get the flag back in one day.”

What should the Canadian side wear to beat the U.S.?

“We could bring Canada back like we brought America back.”

If the Canadian team wins, what do you think Canada Football could mean for the sport’s future?

“You know, sports can really do a lot of good stuff. I think the game should be in the Olympics. Now I don’t want everybody looking at it but I feel it can do a lot. Canada will probably win the Gold medal, but the thing is, if Canada wins, the game would be much better. With a sport like soccer, we just have to take it as it comes.”

Are you a Canadian citizen?


What should the Canadian flag be?

“It just really depends on how they want it. If they wanted it different, then we’re probably not gonna get it back. I would like a flag that represented the whole of the Canada that they represented. As far as why they came to the game, maybe they would want a Canadian flag that they don’t have.”

Which Canadian sports team would be the biggest influence on Canada’s soccer future?

“I’m sure Canada Soccer wants to change all of the other teams. That’s probably a more serious question than anything else. I’m sure, maybe, soccer would have to change its whole name, but they wouldn’t change the name of what team they represent, they would just change their entire name. You know? As far as Canada Soccer is concerned, I think they’re really excited about Canada Football. They want to do different stuff and they want a game that’s on a global scale. They’re the ones who brought it to Russia. They’re the ones who brought it to Germany. And the Olympics are something they’re really excited about bringing together, along with hockey.”

If Canada wins the World Cup, will they have to face the U.S. national team?


What’s the last game you ever saw at Canadian Soccer HQ?


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