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I can’t even get an idea if it is legit or not. It seemed odd to spend $20+ on something that I could never get anything useful from. I’ve always wanted two of the items in this game, so I may end up getting a whole bunch of these. It’s funny how the devs can get so confused! This game is very fun so I hope it can have a happy ending!


It’s not just the rich, the famous, the successful. They’re usually the people with the biggest influence on how we think — and the way we live our lives. They dominate our imaginations, our narratives, and our perceptions.

A new study, published this month in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, finds that when we think about a celebrity, we are more likely to find their opinions interesting and their actions more interesting. “They draw attention to themselves,” writes study co-author James Robinson, a political scientist at Duke University who is researching the “celebrateability taxonomy.” “They’re more recognizable; some of them have a higher profile.”

Celebrity experts were asked to provide a description of another celebrity and then rank those descriptions according to how interesting he or she was to have as a topic — or the funniest, most exciting, or most compelling. Of course, fame and success are subjective — and it wouldn’t even be fair to say that this is some kind of empirical inquiry: The same experts were asked to rate all possible words, from “pretty” to “cute.” It’s still fun to think about the celebrities who are making $3 billion dollars a year, the ones who have made millions of dollars on the backs of famous friends, and the ones who have had their image altered or defaced.

But for real celebrities, the study says, the more interesting a celebrity gets us to think about them, the more likely we are to feel compelled to research that celebrity. It’s part of a larger study by the French psychologists Olivier Bertaud and Michel Dubon of the University of Paris-Dauphine. “In order to get a true picture of a person’s success and their influence,” the authors write, “the researchers needed to study these people in depth, and so they made all kinds of choices.” They interviewed the celebrities themselves and then, once they had been caught, analyzed their interviews and photos.
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So, if you read about “The Rock” on the front page of the New York Times, you

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