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The three human races were originally created by the deities who created the world to serve and maintain that realm as a safe haven; to guide these races who were originally the most primitive and most violent. Today we can see that these races have become corrupted. But, we can still find that the deities have given us their aid through some means, in order to be able to help these races and that is why we are standing here today during the ritual. And the question is, “Are these deities evil?”

“What is the purpose of this ritual?”

The purpose of this ritual is to remove the dark forces that are currently around us and to raise the spirits from that region into the Light. The purpose of this ritual is to help the spirits move from the dark realm and into the Light and ultimately to assist humankind. It is not your duty to destroy any being or any god…it is not your duty to remove any object and it is not your duty to give away any part of yourself. These things are simply human acts, it is not right for any deity to do anything to harm mankind in any way.

What are the roles of various people during the ritual? There will be a small number of people who will be acting as the shaman of the ritual, some of these people will act as priests, some of these people will be performing healers and some will be as shamans. These roles are meant to help the shamans understand the significance of the ritual. There are many shamans at this point who will also be present, but it is their roles that we will learn about. These roles are not merely to help you perform the ritual; these roles are also meant to help you to help bring the Light back to your world.

Some of the people of the other tribes are also attending the ritual. I have heard of rumors that they are going to be performing the ritual as well; but as of now I have not had enough information on them to know for sure.

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Is there any danger involved this day? Are these humans going to be attacked?

There is no danger involved today, and there probably never was. The danger is the dark spirits. If these dark spirits are allowed to continue to exist we as humans may end up going back to the dark realm, which is not a good thing.

What happens in this ritual? How does it start?

After this ceremony you are going to be placed into a cave for the first night followed by an

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