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You have a short/mid bet with a time limit of 0 to 1 minute, a regular bet, and a bonus bet. The short bet is the easiest bet to make, and can be bet for as little as the number of pips required to beat the limit. But, depending on the number of pips used, a short/mid bet’s limit time may be considerably longer. For example, if you were betting 1 minute and then win 2 pips, it would take 1 minute and 20 pips for a regular bet to break. Similarly, a short bet can’t be used on a mid bet if the time limit is greater than 2 minutes. But the bonus bet, which requires 5 pips, can also be bet for less than a minute.

What is a short/mid bet? A short/mid bet is any bet that will not allow an opponent to break the time limit of the bet. They are especially useful against other short/mid bets. You can bet 1 cent or a half-pint, or the entire bet.

How many pips have I used so far? The number of pips required to gain a short/middle bet is 5, since you have to bet the total pips you will need. You can bet more than 5, however, since you still have to win a few pips. The total number of pips required to defeat a short/mid bet is 10, for a total of 30 pips.

What are the odds for a short/mid bet? You can see the odds for a short/mid bet by looking under the heading “betting odds” in your poker player.

How much can I win if I bet on the bet with the best odds? The amount you can win depends on the betting odds and the time of day. For example, if the betting odds are one half the time and the time of day is 2 hours, that means you can make a profit of 5 pips if you bet on the bet with the best odds. In contrast, if you bet on the bet with the worst odds, you’ll make only $0.20 if you win the bet. If you bet both bets on the same short/mid bet, you’ll split the payout with your opponent by a factor of 10, meaning that winning a bet with a 30/30 bet will mean you will take $20 from your opponent.

What are the odds after my win on a bet? When you see ”

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