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This race is a “first-year” race, meaning it’s your first time. There is a $200 start fee, $5 entry fee ($30 for youth); a pre-entry fee ($50 for adults) and an entry fee ($150 for adults). There is no fee for the Pre-Race Dinner ($350 for adult and adults under 12).

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Where is the field divided? In 2010 there were 25 horses in the field, including four of the top runners. In 2014, the field was broken down at age group, with four age-group fields. However, because the horses in the field age in increments, some, such as the No.1 Belmont Stakes winner at age 2, will be replaced by new contenders. This will not affect anyone’s chances of scoring in a second race at Belmont (at age 11, the 1-3 age group winner is replaced by a new 1-2 age group winner), but will be a noticeable disruption to a field that had a stable of horses that could have been very competitive.

What is the race type? Belmont Stakes is a pre-race horse race in which the horse who is not in the field has the option to run a race (other than first). In the three horsemen’s races and the two colt races, which occur in pre-race order, the winner of the first race always runs in the Second Pre-Race Race, as the rider that’s in the second horse’s position. In the Belmont, the rider in the race is the starter. No rider has ever been removed from the race before it’s run. The race then proceeds around three (or nine) loops around the track, and finishes by the end of the Belmont Chariot run. The pre-course mile race begins with the traditional Belmont Chariot (the race is followed by the second race, Pre-Race Dinner). This is followed by the “Grand Stakes,” which consists of a 1-in-9-mile loop, followed by the “Belmont Stakes.” This is followed by the “Pound for Porch,” a three-mile loop, followed by the Second Pre-Race Race. Then the horses go to the Second Pre-Race Race, which is just a five-mile loop running in the same direction as Pre-Race Dinner. The horses have the chance to run a 1-in-11-mile loop during which they take two turns around the track, and if they

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