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The rule for the shot clock in basketball is that it’s set at 20 seconds for a possession and 30 seconds for a game — all points scored and all plays that result in a field goal. There is the potential for the clock to be reset in a game if the second quarter is over. If this occurs, all of the scorers have the entire 30 seconds to catch their breath after a bad game in the first half. If the second quarter is still going, the clock will begin again at 20 seconds.

What are the chances a team can score on the second and third possession after a timeout?

The chance a team gets a rebound on the second possession after a timeout is 1 in 12. If a team scores on the third possession after a timeout, you add 1 in 12 to the chance that the team will score again.

What are the rules on whether and when the ball can be kicked after a basket?

Rule 2.12 lists the conditions under which the ball can’t be kicked after a basket. It states that (1) the person taking the ball must have possession; (2) a free throw must be attempted; (3) there must be a scoring attempt; and (4) the ball must be returned to possession by a player at least two seconds after a foul is called.

As the NCAA tournament begins to play out, how is the situation on the game clock at each half?

The first five minutes of the second quarter are the first half clock.

Second half is 15-minute time of possession plus clock time at the beginning of the third quarter.

The first 10 minutes of a game are the first 10-minute clock time.

If a game is still going at halftime, clock time ends 15 minutes after the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Are rules in place for how, when, where and for how long the ball can be kicked after a basket?

There is no rule saying that all of the possession needs to be taken immediately after a basket. There are often times in a basketball game when things can go wrong and that the ball cannot be kicked immediately after a basket. For this particular situation, the rule is 15-seconds. There can be any number of exceptions to that rule. For instance, in the NBA, the ball can be kicked after a missed free throw after only three seconds.

In a basketball game, how many scoring shots must be made in a row after a basket?

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