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You cannot score by getting a free throw. You cannot take an offensive foul. You cannot foul the guy who fouled you. You cannot get fouled out of a game. But, you can be stopped.
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What happens to the rules of the game when a player leaves the game?

If the team that lost the game leaves the court, then the game is over. And then it’s the game’s turn to be replayed. The first player who returns after the game has ended gets to be the owner of the ball. If the game isn’t replayed for two minutes, the player who got a foul and was a part of the game and ended it gets to be the owner of the ball. When we talk about the rules of the game, we’re playing a game of life and death. Every player on the court is playing for his or her life. I don’t think that’s fair. It doesn’t seem to be fair. That’s why we try to play the good guys. We’re not trying to be nice or to make any adjustments. A player comes out, I think the officials say he’s fouled and we want to go to overtime. But then in the second overtime, the game is over because both teams have left. So that’s why we try to have a lot of guys on the court.

What are the rules about the overtime period?

Overtime is in the hands of the game officials. If the game officials would like to see something and the game goes long, then that’s OK. Then there are going to be adjustments made. One of the rules that we have is that if a team is in the bottom of the fourth when they’re tied, they can’t do the overtime period. That’s because we don’t want to create chaos before they get in.

What is the difference between the overtime period and the final quarter in basketball?

The overtime period is very important. When you’re in the overtime period, and you’re winning in the fourth quarter, if you score a three-pointer, that’s extra time and you get to go from 30 minutes to 60. So if you’re up by one and you shoot the shot, and the shooter is able to put the ball in the basket, that’s going to end the game. But if two guys are fouled and it’s in a different series or when you go to a timeout, that’s not an extra half-minute. If a team

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