What does a soft track mean?

A soft track is a short track played with a guitar or other instrument.

The idea is to bring up all the elements to create a full and expansive song. Think of a soft track as a big piece of music mixed with a few little pieces.

A soft track can be anywhere up to about 6 minutes long and can also be extended as to be performed for longer periods of time. It’s your choice which length you would like to play the track.

A soft track can be performed by using a combination of different instruments that are played or it can also be performed by combining the instrumentalists using different types of music. For example, a singer may use a guitar while singing the track in another language or a piano can add a subtle vocal melody to the track.

If you are using a soft track, you must pay close attention to creating a mix that is clear and distinct from the other instruments and layers of sound.

How to write a soft track?

1. What is your ideal song structure?

A song structure might look different at some different points in the track.

For example, a song might begin with the instrumentalists playing one element, change it, and play another element, and so on and so forth.

Sometimes a song might start at a slow tempo with a fast section for a while, and then go into a fast section, change it, and continue on to another slow section. If you’re unsure of what a song structure might look like, you can consult our song structures page to look through a list of available arrangements.

2. How do you write a soft track?

A good rule of thumb for soft tracks is:

Make sure you have three tracks for each layer that you want to avoid playing.

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3. Which instruments should I use for a soft track?

Generally speaking, instruments that sound good for a soft track are the same ones that a strong guitar or other instrumentalist would use on a strong track, or that a soft musician would use. For example, a soft guitar used by a guitarist would sound better than a guitar being used for a solo part.

In fact, the most efficient way for a strong or a soft musician to play soft tracks is to use different instruments. For example:

If you’re going for a soft track, make sure you have some guitar players in the key you’re in, and maybe a bassist or drummer.