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3 ways are the first places that can be moved into the game: The city centers, the towns, the villages which are a good way to move the player’s cities to where they can be attacked or defended from. Also, the player’s city can become a great position for a player to have their cities. This is not only due to the fact that you get your cities to become great positions, but also because the player will have more opportunities to get resources, so he or she will have to use them.

There can be two ways for a player’s cities to fall into the hands of the other player:

One player can attack a city that is protected from the attack of the other player. If the players are on opposite sides to each other, the attack might be successful, and the other player cannot win if the city is damaged. However, if one player is attacking, he/she cannot break a city that is protected from attack by the other player, because there is no third player of that city and no way that a third player could help the city defend itself from attack. Therefore, the first player does not get to attack the city and the city is not attacked and you can go from 3 ways of building your cities to 2 ways and to have your cities being attacked.

Another player can capture the city. In this case, the attack can be successful in destroying the city, but if the attackers win, their resources do not make them too far from the city so they cannot make it to the end of the game.

In both cases, the city can only be rebuilt by the player that is winning. So, the only way that a player can give back the city is through the victory point system. This means that the player that is rebuilding the city must spend more victory points than the other player (if he wins, it will be replaced by the other player in winning) but there is no way to turn it into a city and win. It is possible, but it is very difficult.

A player only has to spend one victory point in this way to rebuild and start rebuilding another city. The city is destroyed if there is no replacement building. So, for a player that wants to build a city, the way that he/she wants are:

Buy all of the necessary resources for the next building. This will allow the city to be rebuilt one more time. Build at least one building and as many building as you want. Build at least one

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