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First, take each way bet with all odds listed and the highest-level option. If the low-level option is one point higher, then it’s a two way bet; otherwise, it’s a one-way bet. Note that you might want to think about adding options that add up to more than one: If a low-level option is 3/8 higher than a high/top-level one, and those two cards are 1/2 lower than 1/2 lower than the low/top-level option, it would actually be a one-way, not two-way bet.

As for the second way, it’s the same as the first; either way bet would be a double, three, or five-way bet.

The second way bet

We’re just going to talk about this one for now; we haven’t talked about two or more ways since the very beginning of this article.

You can also do the same with a one of the same. So you get:

And you get some fun.

The third way bet

Again, you can also do one of the same. So in this example, we’ll go with the second way bet:

And, you get:

The fifth way bet (and three ways)

And with the fifth way bet you get:

And you get:
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There are a few options. In general, the fifth way bet should be between 2.5 and 3 times the number of bets on the hand. If there are 10 bets on the hand, then you should try it with four of the same cards. I tend to think that 2.5 is appropriate; 3 is the number of times this sort of bet is necessary and, as one-way bets, it can pay off even if you only bet 5 times!

The fifth way bet is the one to use if there are only a few cards left. I tend to use it to reduce the chance of the other ways going a certain way, which will lead to a greater percentage of high/top-level options being left out. If there’s only five or less cards left, you can also just get 5/11 or 3/5. There are some factors to consider:

How often do you really want to bet? If you’re trying to maximize your potential rewards, you should never risk betting more than once a week. The reason is that betting more regularly is generally considered

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