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1. We will spend time discussing some of the things that have not been discussed, and we will take your opinion as to whether the things that have not been discussed will or will not happen in any order.


2. We will not only talk about, but also watch TV shows and films with the subject at hand.


3. We will be able to work while being completely unruly and disruptive to everyone around us!


5. We will be able to talk for hours.
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6. During these meetings, we will try to watch each other’s eyes – are they aware of what we are saying? (Are they looking through the entire room) Do they listen to us? Are they trying to stop us from speaking (do they shout, try to force us to stop)?


1) It will be easy for us to win the fight if we get a little bit of attention from others.

2) We may be able to win the fight by getting into a verbal argument with someone.

3) A disagreement that is very verbal can lead to a misunderstanding that could lead to the fight.

4) No matter who wins, we should have a good fight about how we got to this point.

5) We should keep in mind that this is a competition and we should want to win.


1) We may be able to win the fight if a few people in the room are able to stand up for one another and fight with each other during the fight when we cannot speak up.

2) If our friends in the room do not support us, and some people do not let us speak up, we will feel much stronger if we are able to fight in that room.

3) We will win the fight by winning the arguments, not by having fun!

4) You are welcome to fight with us if you feel that you and your friends do not want to. You are not required to join or support us.

5) If you feel that we are not supporting or getting our message across, you may join us and still not have the right to challenge us or challenge us.

6) If we do not want any of our friends to join in on the verbal argument, it may be acceptable to just not fight at all.

7) We

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