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For example, a green circle represents the maximum distance a body has to jump to reach the ground, while a green line in the sky symbolizes how well the user will bounce off the ground after jumping.

The blue circle represents the speed when moving vertically and the red bar represents acceleration and deceleration between two points.

Red represents acceleration

Green represents deceleration

Blue represents neither acceleration nor deceleration

Each color has a more important meaning because some bodies go down far and some go up.

Here are a few pictures of myself to illustrate my point:

Let’s see what these colors mean on our bodies.

So what is all this stuff about?

We just made a diagram of how our body moves.

Let’s take a closer look and see what these colors on the body mean:

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Let’s examine the body.

From left to right, you’ve got the legs. The red line represents the distance the leg has to move to reach the ground.

Your body is made out of two parts. First, your arms, the arms of our body. Second, your legs. That’s where our bodies are in all our pictures.

It is our legs that move us up and down using the same color.

How do our arms move us vertically?

The red line is the velocity of your arms. The blue line is the velocity of your legs.

Now here we have a big question.

Why is the blue line the height of our body?

Well, it just means that if you look at it, it is about the height of that blue line (the vertical distance of our body from the ground).

This means that if we move towards and away from the camera, or change direction, we are going to change how well our body is holding us in place.

I think you see where this is going. We move up and down and we think about it.

Now our body is ready for action.

It is time for more action.

The next step is to use gravity to push our body forward.

The key to motion is not the speed of the body, but rather how well, and how slowly, our body moves as it does it.

Here is our body’s first motion.

That’s the red line representing gravity.

It shows us how much pressure is

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