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Horse betting and handicapping are a highly regulated business and only certain companies in Australia have the ability to provide betting services to the general public. The two companies we offer are Bannatyne Gambling and Whelan Gaming.

We may be the only company in Australia offering the best betting service in our field – we are licensed and registered and licensed by ASIC and are one of the only two horse betting agencies in Australia that have been granted a license to conduct horse betting businesses. Our services include betting on horses through an online system and also provide horse racing handicapping services.

Horse racing handicapping services usually require a $5.00 deposit. The deposit is returned to the customer if their horse is successful and the customer can play as many races as they would like and win prizes.

It is crucial that you read the terms and conditions – these vary per service. Our services are highly regarded across the world and can be extremely lucrative.

How do I play horse betting online?

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