What does NAP mean in fabric?

The pattern “The Book Of NAP” was inspired by my experience with my father, who is the longest in the world. He died at the age of 89 in February 2014 at the age of 113. I would like to give him my thanks, and a lot of thanks for his support. I have to work with the NAP on many garments, and I’m sure it is not as simple and straight forward to change the fabric as is illustrated in other books and books on sewing, I am not a professional seamstress. I am just going off of my experience. I’m just a beginner at sewing. I would try to add information to the pattern that should be obvious from the first sight, but I could learn a lot from this experience. I’m guessing that you understand that the pattern is for a person who would be able to sew most of the garments in the book, as the pattern also includes instructions for a person who only likes to work with the patterns in the fabric, and it also includes a lot of information from my own experience, which is from personal experience (and this is just my own experience). I would like to know your opinion, so please feel free to contact me.

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Please also take into consideration that I am only offering the pattern for the ones in fabric, in order that I can keep my sewing rate as low as possible, and that people who buy the pattern in fabric have the option to have a fabric printed in their size and color of choice, not a fabric they would be buying if they bought the pattern in the fabric.

Thank you!

[A few words on the NAP. This is actually the book version of the pattern. In my home, I have a sewing machine. My dad is a skilled needlewoman who could work out his pattern if he needed more assistance or knowledge. He doesn’t take commissions, though he would welcome any kind of donations]

My husband, who has not been sewing for 30 years, went to the trouble of purchasing the pattern in the fabric, and he is just as thrilled as I am to be able to sell his book. He has no ties with other fabric makers, but he is open to any information he might like to share about their patterns, which helps me out a lot because I wouldn’t have been able to figure this out without this resource. The pattern is actually one of those that I designed in my husband’s sleep in my home. I went through the many iterations of it, even on my