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A horse may be chosen based on what is known as the “horse-by-horse” vote. Each horse is polled on a single vote that is the “vote” of one human and one computer at the National Horse Racing Commission, the group that decides what qualifies as a horse for racing each year.

Who’s in charge of who’s allowed?

Any computer, tablet, smartphone, or other smart device can use the vote if the person who uses it has permission.

How does the vote work?

The votes are tallied up. Then, the computer that’s being used to cast the vote looks at the numbers and decides which machine, tablet, smartphone, or smart device belongs to each voter who has submitted a valid vote. The computer then checks the results with its own internal polls, and makes the decision whether the horse should be allowed to run.

Will I be able to vote for both a horse and a “runner”?

Yes, if you use a smart device and a computer at the same time – but only one of them can cast the vote.

Will I lose my vote?

You can’t vote for both runners. However, if the result was determined incorrectly or incomplete, you can vote on “running results.”

How will it be made public?

The electronic vote is publicly viewable on the National Horse Racing Commission website, which will be updated with all the results of the vote.

What rules will govern the electronic vote?

The Electronic Ballots Act of 1998 requires electronic vote results to meet state and federal standards and provide accurate count data. The result will be determined by the commission and, like many other states and counties, the counties and the race officials will be compensated to make it happen.

Why would someone use these machines?

Like all forms of voting, they’re used by people on a daily basis and, in many cases, they may not be even aware they’re using a machine. Most of the time, those that do know they’re using one of these machines often don’t change, either. The machines have the advantage of being simple to use, with minimal time and labor effort, and some machines also have easy remote access for those who want to use them.

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What about privacy?

Most of these machines are not “intelligent” like computers. They can be connected to the internet just like a telephone for online voting. Also, some of the machines themselves are

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