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  The half court shot is a basket that only requires one dribble, instead of two that requires two dribbles.  The advantage to this is that you are still shooting at the rim and can score at will, with one dribble, if you need to.  The disadvantage is that you are restricted to what your defender can catch.  If you can get a layup there, and the defender cannot catch you, you are out. A shot can be a half court shot, or it can be a steal, but a half court shot cannot be a basket.  A basket is a shot from the free throw line, and a half court shot is a miss from the free throw line. What can a player do if they are trying to stop a shot?  If the defender has an outside threat, the half court shot is a good bet.  If the defender has a big man with quickness, a defender can slip him the ball at times to set up more half court shots.  This is also a good way to get a dunk.  If the defender has a big man on him in the half court, I would look to get around the defender, and set up a pull up jumper.  I should have shot my free throw, but I would have had enough time to shoot the jumper, as the defender would have gotten back up and gotten back up and gotten back up. There were a great many half court shots against us.  Some of them were my fault.  When I set up the shot, or when I let the offense be, they were off.  Some of them were my fault.  Some were bad decisions as I had no clue what I was doing.  Some of them were bad calls.
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The other reason I would look to try to put more shots in is that my teammates would have to do a better job of getting rebounds.  That really didn’t improve the game.  If I could get the ball to the open man, let the defense set one, and then set up an opponent’s three, I still don’t think it would have made a difference the entire game.  There were a couple plays where the team took control of the game, and the half court shots were a very clear sign that the team was having a lot of success.  In one play, I got to the top of the circle while my teammates were in the bottom of they.  The defense decided to switch, which was a horrible mistake by them.  The rest of

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