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Here’s how you get them:

Step 1: Get your custom design from a digital image that is the same size as your template, no more and no less! We used Illustrator for our guide, so you can use it.

Step 2: Copy your content from the template, in this example we’re going to copy the words “Wish list” and the picture of a bird on a sheet of paper.

Step 3: Save the file in your own document, so that you can change the size and format of your file later on.

Step 4: Copy and paste it in your document’s top right corner, making sure to click “Copy as…” when you’re done.

Step 5: In our example we’re going to copy this design over the contents of an image in Photoshop and paste it into our text.

Step 6: We’re going to open the text editor we saved in Step 5 and modify the text slightly, so that it looks the same size as the image.

Step 7: Now that it looks almost the same size as the image we still need to edit it so that it looks the same on all devices.

To do that, simply right click on the word “Wish list” and select “Edit”.

Step 8: You’ll have to change the font Size and also change the color of the text, this is also done by selecting “Edit”. Make sure that you also alter the font Size and the color.

That should take all of these steps and hopefully it will look similar on all of your devices in the future.

Now you will have a very custom 6 on your screen (or whatever device you are writing on).

I have to admit, I’m very impressed by what you can do with a few clicks, but I’m not going to stop you if you just want to copy and paste this and put your custom design on your phone. That is okay but it won’t do the job.

So, with that said… do it again on your next one and see what happens.

Happy writing.

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