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In a two horse bet your wager is to bet one horse as the winner and the other horse as the loser.

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The betting rules that govern the use and interpretation of two horse bets

If you are the only one who can wager, you are likely to wager on your own horse.

As soon as you see the other horse win, you immediately stop your previous move and bet on your own horse.

When you see your horse win (and thus has won a bet) you will immediately stop all further betting and immediately take your bet back.

Do not bet on a horse you do not know.

Do not buy or sell two horses.

For example: If you buy two horses and have a winner from a previous bet, as soon as you see the other horse win from a subsequent bet you will wager your winnings on your own horse.

When do I use two horse bets?

There are two rules around two horse bets depending on how and where you are betting.

The betting rules on a two horse bet vary from state-to-state and year-to-year.

Most states apply a maximum of one horse for a winner and then a minimum of one from a previous bet.

In some states the betting rules limit the number of horses to one per winner.

In some states you may get a bonus of 2 winnings or more if you are able to bet more than the current maximum (or bonus).

If you wager the maximum two horse wagers in a single state, the minimum will be the same as if you wager only a maximum 5 horse wagers in that state.

A three horse bet is a three horse bet

In some states, when you wager two horses and a horse wins, the winner stays on the table for a period of time.

For example, if your horse wins and someone else places the second horse (in this situation a third horse, in this case the third horse would be treated as a first horse), your horse would win back at least half of the bonus (two-half of the two horses plus the first prize).

A three horse bet requires that the first horse win if you also bet on the second horse, and vice versa.

What is a four horse bet?

In some states you can bet on both the winner and loser at the same time, as this is called a

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