What is a two horse bet called?

A two horse race is a horse race where there are two horses (known as “trucks” in the race) with the same potential for winning the race.

The two trucks are separated by a ditch, and the winner of the race, or the driver of the fastest truck, is the one who can make it across the ditch first.

One example of two horse racing can be found at the North East and Mid-West States Meet in New York on the 28th June 2011, when a couple in their late sixties set about the task of a two-horse race in only 5th place between two young boys in their late teens, with only two minutes to go!

On race day both the drivers’ cars were out of the pits and were running at speed, and the racing was very close to being a race between the drivers.

This was very dangerous for both the drivers and spectators, who were very close to being crushed in the middle of the track, unless it was the driver of the driver driving the fastest truck who managed to get across the ditch first.

You can see in this footage how the two trucks were very close to each other, and the driver of the fastest truck had only just managed to get across the ditch before he was taken down by the fast truck driver of the winner of the race (whose truck was also on its way back from the pits after the race), leaving the driver of the slow car to get the win.

One thing I didn’t mention in this article are the pit stops as two horse races do actually take much longer than a five-round boxing match!

To see the full story of how a race was run in the North East and Mid-West States Meet, including all the times and how the race was settled, click here.

2. What is the most popular two horse race in the UK?

Two horses is the most popular horse race race in the UK! The most recent race was at the UK Racing League (UKRL) meet in Preston, at which there were 2,087 horses and 27 pit stops!

I think it is fair to say that two horse racing is more popular in the UK than boxing, although the boxing world still puts a premium on the popularity of a race.

Two-horse races in the UK are a great way of experiencing a horse race, and you can see the action live. The races are usually held around Easter on