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The ground of heavy material is that it is the lowest of two or higher grades. Heavy material is soil, sand or gravel, or any other soil whose density is less than or equal to that of the ground in which it is situated.

4. What is the most common way in which soils are treated during the construction of buildings? All soils are treated prior to construction, but only those soils that are so unstable that they are capable of sinking into the bedrock below them can be excavated. In contrast, soil can be brought out to excavation from below in a process known as sifting, which is relatively cheap and can generally be accomplished from existing material.

5. What is a landfill? A landfill is a deep rock or soil-laden mass that will be covered with layers of soil or cement before being transported to a landfill. A landfill may also be referred to as a “waste pile,” a “garbage dump,” “sludge-to-landfill,” or a “bed-to-ground.” Garbage, sludge, and bed-to-ground landfill are not used in the same sense as landfill, but are simply the names given to the various methods of transporting waste. Although a landfill is defined as being located directly above a river, it has no direct contact with the surface of the river. Therefore, the terms landfill and river are interchangeable.

6. Is every kind of soil mined? Yes, of course. Sifting soil involves the application of a chemical, called sieved, to the soil itself so that the soil does not sink into the bedrock.

7. Is soil mined from the earth? No! Ground soil is mined from the earth where it is found; it is not mined from the Earth’s surface.

8. When does an area become mined? Ground is mined at a particular site when it is first found, with any additional mining occurring at other sites as the rock or soil is extracted.

9. How much is mined and what are the impacts by mining on the local environment? According to an estimate by the National Mining Association, nearly 15 percent of all mines are located in the United States. According to one of the sources of the mining regulations promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), most mining in the United States, unless it is required by law—for instance, for mining for copper—is not harmful to the natural environment.

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