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It was the first horse racing track in the world designed to be a single-track course with a wide, straight, flat track. The racing was in five rounds, with the winner in each round becoming the F1 racing champion. The track was renamed from the Great Wall and was renamed the NAP Horse Racing track in 1990. The racing was the longest in Europe until the World Cup, which was started in 1983 and lasted six years.

How fast was horse racing at the NAP?

The track has won several world championships for horse racing at a high level. From 1960 to 1990, NAP horses were the most popular in France and Belgium, with more than 2.5 million horses racing. By contrast only a few years later, when NAP became the number one racing circuit in the world, the number of horses had dropped dramatically—from 3 million horses to just over 1 million. This situation also affected the racing season. If there were fewer horses in the country (from race to race), fewer rounds, and fewer victories, the winners became the best in terms of the prestige and success of their careers.

Was NAP racing more difficult to run?
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Yes. NAP horse racing was more difficult to run than any other race track. The narrow track meant fewer horses could fit into the circuit, creating more time for the drivers who were often late to a start. However, the track was more scenic than the other tracks in the racing world and in recent years the track has been upgraded to be more suitable for F2 racing.

What was the NAP’s history?

It started in 1791 when the town of Vaucluse had 100 acres of land and it was an “open field” where anybody could race, even if it was a horse. It was the first track to be built on top of a quarry, which meant that, unlike the rest of Europe, no horses lived in the country. The first NAP racing track was built between 1894 and 1909, and continued to be used for eight years. Then, in 1911, the F2 category was introduced, which is now the first class in Formula One. At the end of 1913, a new track was built in the Netherlands. By 1947, an NAP was still present in the USA.

The history of horses was similar to the history of horse racing at the time. The NAP’s owners, particularly its first owner Jean Antoine Chavanel, did not want

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