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What is the least risky choice to make? What would you recommend?

It could be any of us, but most everyone has a choice about what to do.

Here’s how to get better at prioritizing.

Choose Your Choices Wisely

The best way to keep your decision-making focused is to only choose the best choice for you. Choose those decisions that you will most likely do with confidence, knowing that you will have a long-term impact on the world.

I recommend the following strategies.

1. Choose a Goal

You may not like the idea of creating a plan in your head, but you can’t not try it. You need to make a plan, and then choose a goal to work towards.

Don’t put all your energy into the day job.

Instead, work hard on building your career and making money.

2. Choose a Schedule

You must choose a schedule. Every day of your life is a choice. Each choice matters a lot to you. A schedule of activities, activities, activities.

Don’t waste time on activities that do not matter to your future.

You can read all about this in more detail here.

If you like to read more, I wrote an article about choosing a schedule in detail.

3. Figure Out How Much Time is Left

Before you start working on goals, figure out what we are working on. Maybe you need to go for a run or practice exercising. In my experience there are always plenty of free evenings to do those things.

Once you know you can’t complete those tasks today, you can think about where the rest of the available hours are.

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If it’s a day of work that you are not even planning to work on today, put it on the list.

If you need an extra hour to exercise, that’s fine.

4. Choose When To Start

There is nothing more important than when we get to work on a task. We all wake up in the morning and we often decide we have to get things done.

Unfortunately, there are too many reasons. The day might be a big holiday. You may need a lot of extra time to prepare a presentation or write a blog post. That’s fine.

It doesn’t do anyone’s mental or physical health any good to waste time.

5. Choose Your Time Wisely

The best choice when

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