What is the most important factor in horse racing? – Gta Horse Racing Glitch Reddit

The most important factor is luck, but I don’t think the weather is much of an issue.

In the U.S., how do you prepare for the big races?

I’ve never worked out. I’ve always been strong and I play with my right foot.

How did you get into coaching? Was it through your playing days?

Yes. They took a break in 2000 from playing and the coach said to me to try coaching, thinking I was going to be a player. I wasn’t a player, but I was very good. I wasn’t a great player, but I was not terrible either. I’m not saying I’m a good coach — my knowledge doesn’t come from the game.

How did you start managing horses in France?

France was not very exciting to me, but I liked their race, their management, the horses, so that’s why I came to Paris. There’s not much there to do with horses, so I’m looking for a good place for me to make a good living.

Do you have a favorite?

Probably a racehorse. Maybe a mare that likes to chase. Also, I had a horse that chased in London.

What are your horses running like? How far along are they?

These horses have really developed — they’ve become more and more like my horses. The mares know, for example, that if they have something to race, they have to win.

What’s that time frame? Does it take a while for the horses to mature?

The young mares don’t even understand that a racing win for the mare means the same thing if it gets raced. So, they think that they can chase too often before they get mature.

Did you have a specific target as a mentor?

No — I gave my coaches a plan. They know what to do for me, but they haven’t been able to do anything yet. I ask them to be smart, to use me for my own good and for their own benefit.

Why did you leave St. Lucia?

We knew it wasn’t going to work and that we were going to take a big loss. I think we took a big loss with St. Lucia because they don’t provide a fair business plan. They don’t take care of the horses and we don’t take care of the horses. The owners have too much money and are doing too

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