What is the smartest horse breed?

Our answer here is the one we’ve been using since the 80s. We’ve compiled an interactive list of all the best horse breeds ranked from #10 to #1. We then asked you a simple question: Which top ranked horse breed is the smartest?

We chose the best horse breed by asking over 30,000 voters for their pick. This is what we got back.

#10: American Quarter Horse

We know this breed is not the most popular among modern horse enthusiasts, but we don’t care, because it’s the smartest horse breed, period. (We’ll get to the rest.)

#9: St. Bernard

The last horse to top this list is the most beautiful. With its silky coat and soft curly locks, the St. Bernard’s looks can stand up to any kind of rider. Just don’t go out chasing those luscious blonde hairs down when you aren’t riding.

#8: Shetland Sheepdog

This breed of dog is known for its long ears, soft coats and affectionate nature. If you own one, you should keep it under cover if you don’t feel like going out on a few rainy days.

#7: Welsh Springer Spaniel

These dogs are the fastest of their breed and have excellent stamina. This breed is also a great companion and is highly known for its amazing personality.

#6: English Bulldog

If you’re looking for the ultimate dog for a house dog, take the English Bulldog. If you happen to own a house dog but don’t want to keep one alone, consider an English Bulldog, which offers a similar demeanor and personality to theirs.

#5: English Bulldog

If you’re looking at this breed to keep as a family pet, try not to think of it as “the best dog of all time.” It’s still the top dog breed, despite getting a lot of bad press.

#4: Shih Tzu

These are dogs that are very playful, and can make great family members. Not only are they a good companion for humans, but they also perform well as guard dogs and as therapy dogs.

#3: Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes have short, snappy coats, soft fur and sweet personalities. These dogs may be less active than American Bulldogs, which is why they aren’t included on the list. But if you have