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Secretariat is the most iconic structure of the World Trade Center, but the building actually wasn’t particularly unique: There are more than 15,000 buildings in Manhattan.

“It’s a classic skyscraper, as everyone knows, but it was not a particularly big building,” said Daniel B. Reinsch, a doctoral student at Duke. “It had a lot of common features: It was an old building, had several levels, and the structure itself was really pretty basic in design.”

Secretariat was constructed in 1932 and was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

The building was a little unusual from the outside.

“It looked like a large brick box,” Reinsch said. “You see the big arched windows and the big circular roof, and it all looked pretty basic.”

But there wasn’t much to Secretariat; it had an overall design of seven concentric rings surrounding an orange-hued steel core. Unlike most of the World Trade Center towers, there was no outside balcony. And there were only two elevator shafts leading over into the office floors. This made Secretariat a somewhat unusual structure, especially at that point in the city’s history.

Secretariat is one of only five high-rise buildings in New York City to have been built entirely from wood — a unique fact that was not lost on the public.

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A Russian court convicted Vladimir Milov, a top aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, on Friday on charges that he had secretly filmed a woman on a bed with one of her partners, a woman who appeared to be his mistress.

The case centered on allegations that Milov, 37, filmed a woman inside a private room that had taken place in a high-end Moscow apartment with one of her male clients.

Milov is being tried for “fondling a girl on camera” and “unlawful distribution of indecent pictures,” according to Interfax news agency. His lawyer, Vladimir Kara-Murza, said “it would have taken some time to organize the camera.”

He said one of the defendants, who has yet to be identified, “was a well-known escort, but at that time, he

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