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No. It was something else.

Who killed John F Kennedy?

I’d like to think that it was the Soviets. But it wasn’t that simple. John F Kennedy didn’t die after a shot came for him. He was shot at point blank range with an assassin’s bullet. As a matter of fact, some of the people involved in the assassination were more concerned with “what ifs?” rather than “what actually happened.” So the question of what actually happened doesn’t have much validity.

What is the one big mistake that was made in the whole assassination?

The other three major mistakes were bad luck, poor preparation, and the lack of intelligence on JFK and the Warren Commission.

Do you have a theory about how this could have taken place? When did you finally begin to wonder?

I was in love with a wonderful woman at the same time that I was writing about the Kennedy assassination. I was so happy that I would have to be faithful to her in order to write. She was so great and strong that I wondered if the two of us could have a future together. I thought the two of us were married already: we would both be having children. I could tell that I should get married soon, but I was also starting to think that we might never be married.

I was obsessed with the subject because it seemed to me that John F. Kennedy would never have become president unless he had a special shot at it. But I’m sure I could never have written the book if I had ever thought it was possible to assassinate a president or been caught trying to assassinate a president. It’s much different when it’s done with someone we love, someone whom we believe in, than when you can’t get away with it against him.

Have you ever regretted saying what you did?

No, because it’s hard to go back to a moment of pure fear. When I saw this book published, it came to me all over again. It was a revelation to me. There were things that happened and there were certain events that happened that I would never do as long as I lived. The way I see it, a life or death situation is like the beginning and the end of a movie. There were things from the beginning that were important to me but those were the last moments of that movie.

We talk about the Kennedy assassination and why we have to look back at it and try to understand why it happened. Why does

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