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I have not studied it, but let’s assume this is the most straightforward answer.

I think post positions are best in that they lead to a strong advantage for the defender and provide a high degree of threat, although the defender has the advantage if he can play the post position with more accuracy. The danger is in such a post position where there are just three options – the defender has to shoot, or defend the long ball, or play with the ball and have the other team get into position to make a shot. Those three options don’t seem to add to the threat of the defensive post position which in my view is the best option. When the ball goes up, the best thing is to not shoot, and if you can make a good shot without making anything other than poor passes, then you’re good.

Now, back to the example:

One of the most popular post positions in the NBA is the shooting post post position, sometimes called the double-teamed post position. In this position, the defender usually sits closer to the perimeter, sometimes to the weak-side corner on one side, and on the strong side a bit more, sometimes closer.

Here’s how this looks on the offensive end:

A post position where the defender is often the weaker big and the offensive big is usually the stronger one. A good post position is good because the defensive big plays close, making him the weakest link in the defense. He can be the player who is just a threat, but with the strong side weak side wing, he does not have much of a chance to be a big that stands the chance of beating the shot blocker. A guard playing the post position is likely to have a big man of similar skill who can play the big man down in the post, or can be the strong side defensive guy that can get back to block his shot.

But what about the defensive post position? Let’s take advantage of that one. Let’s look at how the Spurs, in their regular season, defended the double-teamed post position. The Spurs used this more heavily against Curry, a much better defender than LeBron, than they used it against Durant and Wade who could shoot and defend well for a post position.

Let’s first look at the Spurs defense of double-teamed post position:

There are two main things I see to help the Spurs against the double-teamed post position. One is that the defense will play the weak-side corner

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