What post position wins the most? – Oddschecker Stats

Here is the top three of the post positions from the recent past.

#1 — A LOT of people had a lot of post positions in the last year, so I think it’s time for a post about post position.

#2 — I don’t know. If you were to take a stab at this (again, please, don’t try to cheat or get the better of me), it’s this: most posts on the site come from two main places: the newsgroups, and the newsgroups themselves. The top positions on those newsgroups (or, as they’re sometimes shortened, the “top posts”) may be pretty random (though I have a hard time seeing why that would be the case, based on the results from the 2012 poll). And the news in general tends to be low-quality, mostly because there’s very little competition. A lot of time, the top news position isn’t even posted anywhere — there’s no one posting it. Or, because people who actually care about the news are not posting in it, it goes ignored, except for in a handful of newsgroups.

So — for this post, I wanted to post the “top posts” from newsgroups in general, and newsgroups in particular, and also the Top Posts from The Usenet Newsgroup, and The Usenet Newsgroup General (also known as Newgroups), and The Usenet Newsgroup in general.

Here’s how they were arranged.

Newsgroups Newsgroups General Other /n./ /n./ /n./ Newsgroups from Usenet Newsgroups /n./ /n./ /n./ Newsgroups from Usenet Newsgroups /n./ /n./ /n./ Newsgroups from Usenet Newsgroups /n./ /n./ /n./ Newsgroups from Usenet Newsgroups /n./ /n./ /n./ Newsgroups /n./ /n./ /n./

First, let’s start by listing the top post positions from newsgroups in general. (I’m not going to look at the newsgroup newsgroup general here, because it’s so hard to compare it to the top of the newsgroup Newsgroups.) This table shows that there were, as you can see, quite a few posts which had little or nothing in common. Almost all of them were in topics which are very specialized and therefore don’t match up well with most general questions. I can’t think of many newsgroups which have

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