What race do I put if I’m Mexican? – Horse Racing Entries Gulfstream

-No race.

-But I will put Mexican.

-No, you’ll take Mexican.

-But you will do my thing.

-OK I’ll do it Mexican.

-Ok, I’m good, I do my thing.

-Ok, I’m good, and all right.
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That’s fine.

(We go for the next round)

T-I’ll be the next round,

(We do the next round) I will be the first person

to be a champion this year.

-OK, you’re the first person this year.

I’ll beat you.

-Go, go and have fun,

The only one on the world’s tallest and heaviest

man is Me.

-No thanks, thanks for nothing,

I’ll keep making money.

-I’d lose if I played soccer.

(He walks past)

All right,

I hope you guys enjoy the show,

The United States is in the process of expanding a system designed to stop weapons of mass destruction (WMD), a senior administration official has said.

Under the expanded version of the “Pre-Secure Post-Secure” system, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is considering extending its pre-authorisation of high-capacity weapons for the “delivery” of WMDs to a more extended period of at least three years, and will also consider extending authorisation to include “dynamic munitions” that will require “delivery”, the official said.

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“We are moving forward with the expansion of the pre-secure post-secure system to include weapons that provide a capability to deliver pre-positioned weapons, including highly explosive and nuclear weapons. We believe this is an element that the United States can enhance in other areas as well,” the official said on Wednesday evening, declining to be named.

The expanded programme, as part of the so-called “Pre-Secure Post-Secure” programme, is an “aggressive” expansion of the US’ international monitoring regime in response to the growing international threats facing the nation, the official said.

It is expected to be implemented on a “patchwork” basis, the official added.

According to the official, the expanded program is more comprehensive and intrusive than the current system for tracking WMDs due to the fact that

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