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As the election season heats up, a new poll shows that both the GOP and Democratic establishments have no interest in winning over the rest of the country.

The new poll conducted for the left-leaning Public Policy Polling was the latest in a string of recent surveys that show neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party has a chance to capture a majority in the next presidential election unless either party begins to change or at least soften its primary politics.

In all that have been seen in recent months, the GOP and Democratic nominees have been almost identical in their primary campaign. But now the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is surging and the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has been in the news quite a bit, including a highly publicized FBI investigation into Clinton’s email practices. If those allegations are true, Democratic voters are not ready to support Clinton as the nominee in their general elections.

The poll also shows that only 14 percent of all voters say they could support Clinton in a 2016 general election, the biggest gap between who Clinton should receive and the number of Republicans she could get support from.

The poll was conducted May 29-31 and has a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percent.

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The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake on the Republican presidential campaign is in a little pickle.

He has three primary polls showing Donald Trump holding or better than a 20-point lead over Sen. Ted Cruz. Cruz holds no clear advantage, either. Blake has done his homework and now writes that he has “doomed” his chances if he doesn’t “re-establish himself” in the race before Labor Day with a “perfect storm” of bad news going forward.

Blake then says that the Republican establishment will have to make a “hard choice.”

The trouble, I think, is that Trump’s supporters — and they will be the bulk of the electorate — are a very loyal bunch, who don’t particularly care how the candidates conduct themselves on the campaign trail. Trump knows, and his fans care, how they will handle themselves in the next phase of the campaign, and if they think the candidates will win regardless, they will vote for Trump. This is going to be Trump’s party; his party knows it. And if Cruz gets a small but significant advantage in New Hampshire, or if the polls tighten up in South Carolina, or if a bad week for Trump gives him another boost in Nevada, they’ll be more reluctant to back Trump. We’ve seen this before

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