Which horses are the fastest? – Los Alamitos Horse Racing Schedule 2019

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I’m very curious to see if any of you have any information to share regarding horses that can really run, if you can give us a short list of them. I understand not all of you will be able to find them at the track, so if you know of any, feel free to post in this poll.

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Your vote: Mamba (Horse 1)

A group of eight high school students have been expelled after a confrontation on campus. As they’re preparing for the finals, the students of Middle College in Ohio are also preparing for the next course: writing a thesis.

The group of eighth-graders were involved in a confrontation at Middle College during an otherwise quiet night on Tuesday.


According to WLWT, when the students arrived at their home, their classmates took the time to harass their parents.

“My son’s home. And there’s seven other kids there, and they harass my son because they didn’t like his answer to something on his paper,” said the mother of the child that the young people targeted.

Another high school student says the principal was the first to react when it was explained that their kids were being bullied in a private group.

“The principal was the last to come around when they came by to get the students, but then the four of us just went right up ahead of them in line,” said a mother. “And so the principal stood there, and then we just stood still like that for a long period of time until she told us to get in line.”

But the parent of the victim says school administrators are to be blamed for not dealing with the situation.

“These kind of times make you realize just how bad the situation is and how long it’s going to take for the proper response,” stated the victim’s mother. “And the school is to blame because they didn’t know. They just assumed that they know who these children were because of their grades, but they never knew who the other kids were, so they are to blame.”

The students who were involved said that they are now looking forward to their next class in college.


For more than two decades, the United States of America has been using lethal chemical weapons

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