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How does the stallion jump?”

I took that last question up with a nod. “No-one knows.”

The horseman nodded as well and then pointed back to me across the street. “No-one knows either. We do our best, but… it’s not nearly as good to see as you see.” He pointed to a woman dressed in black robes and a dark hat.
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I nodded and gestured at the horseman. “She’s one of my own. That’s why I want to see her.”

The woman’s expression was one of wonder as she glanced over at the stallion behind me. “You think he is the man of your dreams?”

I smiled.

The man nodded. “Yes. That’s what I think.”

I glanced at the other horseman at the back and he too grinned. I reached over and grabbed one of his hats by the brim.

“I’m giving you the hat,” he said as I pulled him toward me.

“Good. Then what exactly are you going to do to her?” I asked. “Don’t go poking around in her clothes. Just don’t touch the horses.”

“There’s a reason why they do it that way,” the man replied with a small smile. “I’ve never been able to get close enough to know their minds.”

“Alright, alright. Now…”

“You could get closer and feel more,” he said as he pushed me aside. I looked up towards him. He wore the black robe and hat of his master. I wondered what the man’s life was like. He had dark hair and a dark beard, but I still couldn’t help but think it looked like it was in a constant state of disrepair.

He smiled when he realized what I was thinking. “No,” he replied as he held me to him. “There’s no reason I have to take good care of you.”

“Don’t leave me in there, but then what will I do?”

The man’s smile vanished and his expression turned stern. “We are a master and a slave. Whatever the person is, when we come back to them, they’ll be better off than you are.” He nodded at me. “Besides, I still have to clean up this shit we made.”

“A shame. Are you trying to get me out of the city?” I asked. I didn’t care

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