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Check out the video below of horse trainer and trainer guru Paul Vignocchi. It will keep you tuned up while you wait for the world-famous Triple Crown winner to give the good stuff.

Paul Vignocchi gives a great insight about the most popular horse racing tipster – who is the best horse racing tipster?

The most popular horse racing tipster is a young man on the fringes of the community. He does not have extensive training and is not a seasoned racing enthusiast either. But he knows what he is doing. He is knowledgeable. He has a genuine desire to help horses make money.

You can watch his video below:

So if you want to know who is the best horse racing tipster, be sure that the video below is the one you are searching for.

Here are the five best horse racing tipsters:

1. Johnathan Giambastian

Johnathan Giambastian – is an incredible trainer and a professional racetrack analyst. In 2007, he was the first person to win a Triple Crown (New York, Chicago, and Indianapolis) at the age of 29 after winning the prestigious Prefontaine Classic on its maiden voyage to the US.

After a decade of racing, Johnathan Giambastian decided to put his expertise to the test. He started training a select group of young horses. He helped them to master the sport of breeding and training the first-generation stud horses. Johnathan Giambastian was the first to show that an expert can help guide and motivate young horses toward winning victories.

In 2011, Johnathan opened his own racing school – the Johnathan Giambastian Horse Racing School in Houston, Texas.

On the eve of the Triple Crown race at Churchill Downs, Houston, Texas, the school was recognized and honored at the first of its kind – American Triple Crown Tour.

In 2012, the young trainers started to see their hard work pay off. Johnathan’s students were on the podium twice in the Houston Open and Houston Classic. In 2012, Johnathan Giambastian was recognized as one of the top racetrack analysts in the history of professional racing.

In 2015, Johnathan was honored by Time Magazine for becoming the first horse race commentator to reach an all-time high in the ratings. He was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Association of Professional Horse Racing’s (WAPHR

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