Who is the fastest horse of all time?

The world’s fastest horse – a 13-year-old American equine, with an impressive history of winning 1,400-plus meters at US Grand Prix meets.

Reed, who was born in Virginia and raised by relatives a few miles south of San Diego, won the 2010 US Grand Prix Meet in San Antonio, Texas. When he arrived for his race, he won the Kentucky Horse Show and the 2015 US Grand Prix Show on Sunday.

But, in January, Reed had a difficult night at the US Grand Prix Show, being passed to the back of the line for the 100 and 140 meter events. When he got back to the top of the 100 meters, it was too late – with his score of 1:37.6 seconds, he dropped out of the final – and was only eighth in the 140 meter event.

The only other equine to win two US Grand Prix Show championships was another 13-year-old horse, an American-born, two-time champion, named Lola, in 2004.

In 2009, Reed finished ninth in a field of 26 horses at the US Grand Prix Meet. Last year, he competed in the race and placed 18th in the final race.

“The goal is to see an impact in the first 10 days, so everyone has the chance to know what happens next and the reason for the delay,” said a senior administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

In addition to Mr. Comey, the two senior officials said that three more officials, including the director of the National Security Agency, the directors of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency, had been interviewed in the past several days. One of the officials said the intelligence chiefs were “very helpful” during briefings on the Russian effort.

The officials also said they had been briefed on the decision of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the Russian case.

Mr. Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation on Monday, saying he had not met with any Russian officials during the campaign, and had in fact been unaware of any meetings with Russians. The recusal affects the ability for Mr. Trump to consider Mr. Comey’s testimony as a possible witness in the investigation. The decision also means that Mr. Sessions cannot testify to the Senate about the investigation.

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