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In order to find out which one killed Phar Lap, we would also need to locate the remains. The problem of finding the remains is exacerbated by the fact that the area where they are buried is known to have a high level of explosive hazards. The excavation of the remains is currently still in progress and so it may take some time before we can know an exact date of killing.

The most likely place to find the remains and where to dig them is at a grave containing the remains of an early Christian who died in the 4th century at the end of the Roman Empire. The grave has been dug in recent decades in order to be able to look for a Roman Christian burial there that could shed light on the identity of both the killer of the young man and perhaps even the perpetrator of the crime that he committed.

Is the murderer Christian?

We don’t know yet. But one thing we do know is that he did not live in a Christian culture. Since he was a Christian himself, his death probably occurred in a different era.

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This leads us to believe that he is either the leader of a Christian group or is simply who he claimed to be. If the latter, he would have been one of the many people of that culture that suffered or had similar experiences. If the former, he would have been a leader of another culture, perhaps a people that lived in or nearby the area around the grave where he buried his victim.

We don’t know exactly who his victims were, however, we do know a few things about what kind of people they were or what they were like as the Roman Empire ended.

1. Their names are not Roman.

Roman Catholic Church records show that the Roman name for people of Jewish descent was “Ajus”, a term that was often used in the first century but not in later periods. The Roman name for Muslims, or the Arabic equivalent, is “Ummah”. We only have 1 name for a Christian person and that is “Phar Lap”. If we include “Ajus”, we get 7 names for a Christian individual and 4 of these were also Muslim.

2. Most if not all of their possessions are Christian.

Not even one object of their own? This includes all their belongings that are now either on display at the Church or destroyed as a result of the crime. They were never a Christian clan. They would have died and only their belongings would go to the Church.


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