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“He was the son of a Jewish man, whose father was not from Israel, though born of a royal parentage. At the time of his birth, all the world loved him, and because of the kindness he showed to the children of Israel, all the nations were longing for him.

“Because of all the favors he had done to the children of Israel, the people of Israel thought that he must have been born of theirs. Thus, he was put into the hands of the king.

“At the time of his death, he was brought before King Solomon and his people. He was given as a sign to them, so that they might know him to be a righteous man. He had no sin to speak of. Because of his righteousness, he did not get into trouble with the King, his father or his forefathers. He was given the honor of being the only man of his race that ever lived.”


But there is at least one detail which raises the question:

“He took to himself a wife, and when she died, he began to rule as the next of kin. And he did not leave her behind, but he lived in the land for many years after she had died. So, there is a discrepancy between what he did then, and what he did later.”


For more on this, see the article in The Jerusalem Post on the subject (

“According to the Hebrew Bible, the King Solomon had the King’s blessing for the woman at the time of her death.

“But he died.

“But when King Solomon’s people asked him for her heir, he replied, ‘I find none.’

“Therefore, the King’s descendants are a people who do not have an heir, and do not rule.

“The problem is the fact that the King’s people, which is the Hebrew Bible Jews, do not have an heir. Therefore, the Kingdom of Israel is under the rule of the Kingdom of Judah, which means that it was an abomination and that Solomon, who lived in the reign before his death, was punished for his offense.

“Furthermore, the Bible records that the Kingdom of Israel was not allowed to take her husband back.

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