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In this case, we don’t think so. I don’t think a DSLR will ever be as good as a smartphone, unless your smartphone is in the shape of a Leica M4/M5 or Canon EOS 60D. I just use a phone on-the-go for what it’s good at: calling and finding pictures. The cameras I use have become smaller, lighter, more responsive and I have much less to lose in the process.

What camera will you buy? And if you’re on the fence, which? (And what’s your next go-to phone?)


“Gone With The Wind” is a 1940 film, directed by Mel Brooks, based loosely on Mark Twain’s classic tale of a “Southern Dreamer” trying to get back to New England after a shipwreck.


The first publicly known reference to the film was in an August 23, 1940 issue of the Sunday Evening Post published in Atlanta, Georgia. The article, which was printed on the front cover of the paper, contained its first caption on the front page, which read, “A Tale of the Gifted and the Mean Girls.”

On August 29, 2012, the Washington Post posted an article on the same subject called, “A Story of the Mean Girls,” that featured an image of the poster in the center, which reads, “Gone With the Wind.” The Post’s article went on to say that the film is not as familiar to most people as they think it is.


On September 28th, 2012, Twitter user @nostalkexic tweeted out a photo of a “Gone With The Wind” poster alongside the word “MTV,” and the picture included the hashtags “#SillyGirlMovie,” “#Rotten” and “#Lame.” After reaching the front page of Reddit, the tweet was edited with the message “This isn’t funny @nostalkexic.”

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In a world where everyone thinks themselves like a superhero, the secret of being a ninja is to use your mind to overcome your physical abilities. A ninja is a warrior who has learned to use ninja arts through martial arts classes, which often include the use of ninja-themed gear and costumes. With this skill, you can turn into a ninja and take on all kinds of monsters, such as demons, ghosts, and other supernatural beings. The ninja may sometimes need

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