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The popularity of video editing tools has been increasing for many years. There are numerous video-editing suites available, all of which can do a few things. Some are very useful for just editing video – like Adobe Premiere or Pro Tools, or for video editing. But we’ve also developed some great video editing tools for creative, professional, and educational content production, specifically for use in online marketing and branding:

The New York Times video editing suite, available as separate products from the Times, offers an enormous selection of popular video editing programs, and is often recommended to new editors. It is built for use in any kind of media, like video, text, and photos. It has a robust, scalable online interface similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, and the ability to export in both video and audio formats – all at no extra price.

Many publishers include a video editor in their editing bundles, which are included with their software. Many are also offering free versions of certain video editing programs, just so subscribers can use them for more than text editing.

The best place to start is the best-selling free video editor, called Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This is a powerful editing software suite, with advanced features and functionality to suit a wide variety of use cases, including editing for print and television production.

Editor, an online video-editing app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS, offers powerful user interface integration, sophisticated editing modes, and rich media content management. Its free edition also allows easy integration with a range of third-party media management applications, like After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Creative Suite.

The editor also allows seamless collaboration with third-party apps, allowing developers to incorporate these projects into their projects as well as with other apps using Adobe Premiere Pro, such as Adobe Audition, Lightroom, and Lightroom HD.

But there are even more, and we’re adding them to our list from time to time. Below are a few of the most popular video editing programs that are available now, in various sizes and price options. You can order them by clicking on a listing, or ordering them via your favorite online retailer/distributor.

Editor & Media

Editor’s new software features a new approach to creating digital multimedia, designed especially for professional web and social media applications. In the past it focused on basic video editing, and while that’s still the focus, it is now more open than ever, providing more powerful editing and metadata

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