Can I record a video playing on my phone? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself

No, you cannot. All recording is done using our webcam. We do have our own microphone, so you can try it out.

Why is streaming unavailable?

A few reasons. Some of the biggest are low bandwidth and latency. If you’re using a low-bandwidth device like a cellphone, you’re also going to be using the internet much more frequently than most people. This leads to slower bandwidth and more connection drops. Some of the big sites, like Netflix, don’t allow streams over certain networks because this can increase a device’s battery life.

I don’t live near a good internet provider. How do I know if my device is compatible with Netflix?

You’ll need to find out through our Device Compatibility tab and check our compatibility chart

How do I change the language for my streaming?

Go to Streaming > Add Netflix language > choose the language you’d like to use.

If it doesn’t turn green, that means your account doesn’t match the one provided by Netflix. If you’ve signed in before, there’s little we can do if you’re not the same user as you used to be.

Do you offer the option to purchase extra Netflix accounts?

We don’t offer the option for additional accounts. You must purchase the accounts separately before use.

The streaming is starting. Why doesn’t it work?

You may have selected “Enable Netflix,” but if this hasn’t worked for some reason, try disabling one of the other tabs as well.

That said, if one tab isn’t working, but a different tab does, try moving them around to see which is causing the issue.

That’s not happening! It’s working!

Let us know what’s wrong. We can look into the video streaming in our server logs.

Where can I get help with my Netflix account?

Help desk can be found here. You should also join a chat room in our Support Center that has our support team available. We may not be able to assist you as quickly as you’d like but we have the resources to offer you guidance and we want to help.

Where can I watch my Netflix on my phone?

To watch Netflix on your phone, try downloading the Plex app.

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