Can I record a video playing on my phone?

Yep, you can!

How are video files generated?

As in other apps, you need to register and download video files with Hikey. You must also register an event record for the event in order to play videos on YouTube. Once you do that, your video can be added to Hikey’s internal playlist for playback on any device. (And there’s more to come, see Events coming soon). However, it is not possible to create video files and then send them to anybody. Videos are created one-by-one by Hikey as part of the “record-it-now” workflow, and all your other activities on Hikey will not have an effect on those.

When will videos play and display?

That depends. Hikey’s video features are “on-demand,” meaning that you should be able to enjoy playback as soon as a particular video file is generated in the app.

Is it possible to change the video quality? (i.e. “resize/crop?”)

You can, and you can change the quality to the extent of your resolution preferences. For example, the “HD” setting will resize the video to 1.2 x 1.2 inches, as well as “Widescreen” (16:9) and “Vivid.” The video above uses the “HD” setting. This setting is applied on a per-file basis. You can also view your video files stored (in a folder named after the file) on Hikey’s server. You can then export videos and then play videos while using Hikey on more than one device.

Can I share videos with others?

Not yet, although you can invite people to join groups of one, two or three. In the future, Hikey will expand this to allow sharing videos between groups.

Who writes the app’s source code?

Hikey is written by Hikey, Inc. The current developer of Hikey is Mark Eriksen.

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