Can someone see you through your phone camera? – See Yourself While Filming

You know, all that crazy phone camera stuff?”

I told him I didn’t know a single person in the world who didn’t have their phones up. It just took time to get used to it.

“It’s funny. I always wanted to be a photographer. It was a dream. And then I started doing video: I had this weird fascination with the camera. It’s weird, but weird sometimes. It’s almost like seeing the outside world. And then it became my favorite thing. I started getting a lot of gigs, and it got good.”

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His new gig is with an advertising agency that represents the likes of Taco Bell, KFC, Whole Foods, Starbucks, and many more corporations. His job now, from 6 o’clock this morning to 6:45 p.m.: “Getting paid to look at phones and talk about how cool they are.” But he sees his interest in photography in a broader sense — “I want to photograph a lot of things, not just people.”

“I like to see the world that way.”

The way cameras are used by people today, he realized, reminds him of the way people used to use fire hoses and the shovel to dig up land and put grass and grass and grass and dirt and soil on the surface of land. “The way the camera was invented is just as much useful, or much more useful as the shovel,” he told me.

“And we’re still using the same old tools. And I think that’s just as important, so that we can explore different things, and think about the world differently. We don’t have the opportunity to explore and talk to strangers and get really good at what we do. I think that’s just as important—like, let’s think about using a different camera.”

I wondered if I was supposed to be the kind of guy who liked to wander around with a stick, to go out and take pictures of anything, for any length of time.

“Well, there are the two [types of people] that I see a lot,” he said. “Probably in my office are people like me,” that kind of guy will spend a couple hours staring at a camera trying to figure out where to put their hands — and maybe put the camera where they’re not supposed to.

“The guy with the iPod that sits next to him… I find that really nice,” he said, “that’s kind of like having a camera. If

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