Do I need a microphone to make YouTube videos? – See Yourself While Filming

No. But if you want to make a video for your friends and family at home then there is a little extra on the cost. So yes, it would cost £40, £50, £60 or more.

What do you get when you sign up? The first thing that I would think is that you get a big, beautiful screen and at the bottom of the screen there is an MP3 player. I hope that doesn’t offend people.

That you can upload to YouTube automatically? Yes. That’s the other thing that I would think people would have a problem with. You don’t have to wait for permission; you can upload it straight from your computer directly to YouTube.

So you can use the same software program that people use to make MP3 files? Yes.

How about your YouTube account? You have to fill in the details, your profile picture and then there are some basic settings, like, ‘When is it good for watching videos?’ What I get is a little YouTube page with your videos.

Do people get offended by how they look in the videos online for a living? Some people get annoyed with it, I have had some comments from people. But people, I think, get used to it over time.

Are there any downsides to living a professional lifestyle online? I think that, for the most part, for most people, it’s fine. I am not doing any YouTube stunts yet; I am not planning to start filming them anytime soon. I can’t see it as something I would actually like to do because of the time it would take.

It seems like everybody here is quite happy with their life, but how does it affect those outside the world of professional videos? I think that even outside the world of video, the majority of people who work in the videos are quite happy within the world of professional videos. It would probably be one of the biggest disadvantages to do something outside of normal jobs.

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What about your daily activities that you do on your YouTube channel? At least, most videos and probably all of them, if not all of them. If I am watching, I am watching my videos and editing them and I have a day job. I have my day job which is editing videos for YouTube and for my personal site. I am only making YouTube videos.

What about your children? I think it helps when children have a job. They see all the other jobs and everything; they can see themselves in it

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