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Edit videos like a pro to get better performances (better results) to achieve your goals and achieve your dreams. I think you’ll find video editing very intuitive for getting the best out of your equipment.
So what’s my best guide?
Here are my top tips to get the best results out of your video editing software:
If you’re using Adobe Premiere Pro CC you should have an easy time working with images in the timeline .
Use this tip when uploading and editing your videos.
When editing your video, make sure you are in focus. This will greatly speed up all the processing and make you focus on capturing quality.
Start at the beginning of the video and work in smaller increments.
It is best to put your most important part first such as the title, intro, and title card.
I often find the title is the most important aspect of any video, therefore it’s best to begin with the title.
This can be achieved using a simple one liner such as,
“Hi, my name is Paul, I am the director and producer of the video. I’m going to write this for you.”  and make sure it is the most descriptive title possible.
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Keep the title concise.
Avoid using “a”s, “an”s, etc.  When you have a long title you want to make sure the word “a” is used more than all other words in a row (a, b, etc.).
Have your credits at the beginning of the video.
When editing videos, it’s very important to have credits at the beginning to show who actually did what. The fact that the producer does not need to do any work, but this can be very important for getting in the head of the audience because they know that everything was produced in their own time, by a team all the way from day one. 
Make sure your main credits appear on the right side of the screen so people can quickly look up who did what.
Make sure you put your “About Us” and “FAQ” on the top right of your screen.
This will give people a clear clue of what your company is all about. Having these sections is very important as a video maker.
For example, let’s take a look at David from Vimeo.
David, like so many other people, started Vimeo because he just stumbled across a video and decided to watch it over and over again.
He knew that he wanted to help others do similar things because

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