How can I edit a video like a pro? – Learn How To Shoot Video With Dslr

Go ahead and change it. I’ll be happy to take a look at and correct any mistakes or typos. (Also please tell me if you make anything new.) Feel free to do so after you upload.

Do you accept PayPal? When will you be accepting PayPal payment?

How to Edit Video for Beginners: An Introduction ...
PayPal is now accepting payment for the course:

What if I have problems with your course?

You may e-mail me any time. In the meantime, I suggest taking a look at my Frequently Asked Questions page. I hope that this course will help you understand the subject, and I’m sure that there will be many good problems that will be answered by the course.

What is the price?

The price will be at least $0 and may be lower depending on demand and my availability. At this rate, you will have access to the first 40 lectures of 10 and the final 8 lectures of 16.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card, Paypal, or cash. If you are unable to make contact via these options, I will send a receipt to your email address.

I would like to take only part of your course. How can I take it?

You can choose to take only one 20-minute course from the course offerings or to take all 40 classes and the final 10 by yourself. You will also be asked to sign up for a special email group who can help you complete this course, if required. (This will make taking the course a bit more flexible, and I’ll get to know you a bit better.)

Do you have videos available?

Yes, I have several lectures available on Youtube with transcripts, commentary, and links to the other videos that you can download. Click on the video you would like by selecting it in your list and click the download button at the top of the page:

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